Trust Us With Your Septic Inspection

Trust Us With Your Septic Inspection

We offer thorough and timely septic inspection services in central Iowa serving Ames, Ankeny & Des Moines and the surrounding areas

Time of Transfer septic inspections are required by Iowa law to occur before the closing of any property with a septic system on the premises. They are different from the typical service inspections we provide at River to River Onsite Septic Solutions. They are more thorough, in-depth inspections of the system in its entirety that must be completed by a certified inspector. They are also typically accompanied by a septic pumping. The State of Iowa also requires that a septic system is pumped out at the time of transfer inspection if it has not been pumped in the last 3 years.

We have many certified inspectors on hand that we can schedule for you. Getting an inspection done in a timely manner is our top priority, because we understand that in real estate - timing is everything!

Call now to set up an appointment for a septic inspection in Ames, Ankeny or Des Moines, IA.

Understand our process

From start to finish, we have your best interests in mind. Here is our process:

  1. Contact us as soon as you know you will be selling. The sooner, the better! It gives everyone plenty of time to schedule the inspection and any repairs that may need to follow. It makes the process easier if the homeowner is present, so the inspector can ask questions and have access to the inside of the house if needed.
  2. Make sure you know and can prove the last time the septic was pumped. Unfortunately, if there is no proof (receipt or work order) of pumping in the last 3 years, we will have to pump the tank at the time of inspection.
  3. At the time of inspection, the inspector will come out, pump the system, and do the inspection, which may also include taking an effluent sample. After the inspection, the technician has to take the time to write up a detailed report, and sometimes that includes having to wait for those sample results to come back from the lab, which can take up to seven business days (another reason to call us right away!).
  4. Once the report is done, we hand out the inspection to the county sanitarians and the DNR to see if the system passes or fails. If it passes, then we deliver the report to you as a homeowner and the settlement agent. If it fails, then we use advice from the county on what repairs need to be done, and we must get those repairs done before the property is allowed to be closed on. We recommend calling us as soon as possible - we don't want your closing date to be delayed!

Transfer inspection reports are good for two years from the date of inspection, so there should be no fear in calling as soon as you get your house listed. Ease the minds of potential buyers before they even step foot in your front door!