Why do I need to have my septic pumped regularly?
The best way to describe pumping your tank is like changing the oil on your car. The more often you care for your car, empty the oil and put new oil in, the longer it will run. Same goes with a septic. The more often you empty the tank, the longer it should last. Yes, pumpings seem costly upfront, but they are only required every 3-5 years and when you break down the numbers it is less money than living in town and paying sewer charges every month!

How do I know if my septic tank is not working properly?
There are many indicators that your septic may not be operating up to par. If you are noticing strong odors outdoors, water or septic coming up from your drains, water-soaked land around the septic when the surrounding ground is dry, or if you have an alarm and there is a red light or a beeping, these are all good indicators that something is wrong and needs professional attention. Other indicators would be high sample results, water or septic leaking out of the top of the system, loud and unusual noises coming from the septic tank, or no noise at all if it usually makes a noise (these typically only happen with pump tanks and mechanical systems). When in doubt, call a professional. It is better to address the problem when it is small rather than when the problem is in your basement!

What should I NOT flush down the toilet?
Everything that is not from the human body or septic safe toilet paper!

How much will a new septic system cost?
Ballpark estimates are from $5,000 for a new tank up to $20,000 for a total new system.

What sets River to River apart from other septic tank companies?
We strive for customer service and making sure that the customer is satisfied and happy. We want our customers to be able to fall asleep every night knowing that their septic can be the last thing on their minds. When we have a customer, we take care of all of the reporting of reports and sample results to the counties, so you don't have to. We want to be your advocates. If we make a mistake, we make things right as soon as possible. There is nothing more important to us than our customers!

Am I required to have a service contract with a professional maintenance provider?
Depending on the type of system you have, and what county you live in. You are required to have a service contract if you have a Peat Moss system, a mechanical system, or a system that discharges. If you are unaware of what type of system you have, you can either contact us or contact your county's environmental health department.

What is all included in your maintenance contract?
The contracts vary from each county and each system. But overall, the contracts include 1-4 services per year and 1-2 samples per year, depending on your system and county requirements. The contract also gives our customers discounted rates on labor per hour rates and cost to pump their septic.