Peat Filter
The EcofloŽ Biofilter is a peat-based biofiltration system designed to protect public health and the environment. Conventional septic systems treat wastewater using sand, gravel or natural soil, whose quality and availability vary from one site to the next. The EcofloŽ Biofilter uses sphagnum peat moss, a natural filtering medium of uniform quality that is ideal for removing and retaining contaminants until they are broken down. The compact design allows optimum use of any property.


American Drip

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This system may be installed in an area smaller than a conventional drain field. Drip dispersal is approved in many jurisdictions for new construction. The system is preferred for repairs due to its ability to preserve landscaping and perform in difficult sites and difficult soils.

This state of the art system filters septic effluent through self cleaning filters prior to slow rate dispersal into the soil. It uses proven 25 year old drip irrigation technology in an innovative new way. System installation maximizes preservation of turf, trees, shrubs and is adaptable to irregular shaped areas.

Shallow and ultra shallow tubing installation provides for maximum standoff to restrictive soils and water tables. In some conditions it may be installed over existing systems. The system is installed with a standard septic tank and pump tank, its easily adaptable to advanced pretreatment and mound systems. The system is more suitable for repair in wet weather.
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